The third great litter in 1982 had three white kittens. Whites were my favorite, and I remember being so excited to see what their eye color would be. All the kittens have blue eyes when their eyes open, around 10 days after they are born, but you can't really tell whether they will be copper, blue, or odd-eyes until they are a couple months old.

This litter was a cross of CH Can-do Liberty of Shadygrove and GC K'jari's Snowflake of Haydel. Two of the kittens became champions; they were CH Shadygrove Piper's Lass, and CH Shadygrove Afterthought of Neberle.

Below is Piper's Lass, a blue-eyed white female. She was really beautiful, and she had gorgeous kittens, too.

CH Shadgrove Piper's Lass pictures

Piper's brother was CH Shadygrove Afterthought of Neberle.

CH Shadygrove Afterthought of Neberle

The dam of these two cats is pictured below, GC K'jari's Snowflake of Haydel, who was born in 1977.
K'jari's Snowflake 1