Born April 5, 1987, was a magnificent red male Persian named GC, RW Woodspirit's Madd Hatter, DM, bred by Sherri Humphreys and myself. Hatter's sire was GC Shadygrove Gatsby of Woodspirit, and his dam was CH Shadygrove Sweet Tart. Here's Hatter at about 8 weeks old:

Hatter kitten 5
Hatter kitten 1

Here is Hatter at about 3 months. Look at those ears! But fear not, he will grow into them…
Hatter kitten 3

Here is Hatter, all grown up! He eventually sired more than 20 Grand Champions and Grand Premiers, and a couple of DM's.
GC, RW Woodspirit's Madd Hatter, DM-2

Here is a list of Hatter's Grand offspring:

1. GC Woodspirit's Colours of Shalliboo, Tortie born 1989
2. GP Woodspirit's Presto, Cream male born 1989
3. GP Woodspirit's Picasso, Cream male born 1989
4. GP Woodspirit's Maggie of Shadygrove, Blue cream female born 1989
5. GC Woodspirit's Porsche DM, Calico female born 1989
6. GC Woodspirit's Song O'the South, Red female born 1990
7. GC Woodspirit's Micheal, Red female born 1990
8. GP Woodspirit's The Red Barron, Red male born 1990
9. GC Woodspirit's Rattan, Cream male born 1990
10. GC Woodspirit's Betty Davis, Cream Female born 1990
11. GC Woodspirit's Adam of Gemjazz, CE White Male born 1992
12. GC Woodspirit's Prima Donna, DM, Blue Cream female born 1992
13. GC Woodspirit's Cha-Ching of Shalliboo, Red McTabby born 1992
14. CH, GP Wynden Pacesetter of Woodspirit, Black male born 1993
15. GC Ivywall Dynamyte, Shaded Cameo female born 1993
16. GC Ivywall Tabasco, Shaded Cameo male born 1994
17. GC Ivywall Blaze-of-Glory, Cream Smoke female born 1994
18. GC Woodspirit's Maryann of Catillak, Calico female born 1996
19. GC, RW Woodspirit's Panache of Gemquest, CE White female born 1996
20. GC Woodspirit's Marzi-Dotes of Zaikai, CE White female born 1996
21. GC, RW Fancypaws Princess Diana of Ebonez, DM. Blue cream female born 1997
22. GC Taxers Nishikigoya of Pointaview, Red McTabby female born 1997