A second litter was born in September of 1985, and there were two kittens that granded four times! Both cats earned titles as Grand Champions, and as Grand Premiers! Their sire was Banjo and their Dam was Cricket.

The first was a blue female, GC, GP Shadygrove Demoiselle, or, as we called her, Demi. Genetically, she should have been a blue-cream, and she had a blue-cream registration number, but she did not have a single cream hair on her body, so she was shown as a solid blue throughout her show career.

Demi KittenGC, GP Shadygrove DemoiselleGC, GP Shadygrove Demoiselle

Demi's littermate brother was GC, GP Shadygrove Gatsby of Woodspirit, a lovely cream boy. Click on the link to go to his page for pictures and info.