In September of 1985, GC Shadygrove Crystal was born. She was a copper-eyed white. She was a pretty little thing, not very extreme, but she had a wonderful little body, great big brown eyes, and she was very balanced. In those days, cats did not need have the extreme head type that Persians have now-a-days. Her sire was Banjo, and her dam was Piper's Lass. This is a kitten picture of Crystal:

Crystal Baby

About a week later, another litter arrive, and it had blue female Demoiselle, who also became a Grand Champion. Demi has her own page, but here is a picture of these two bright girls together, when they were about 3 months old. I showed them both together as kittens, and later as adults.

Demi & Crystal kittens

Crystal loved to show off… here she is with her sexy "over the shoulder" pose.

GC Shadygrove Crystal