The next year, 1982, I had seven kittens in three litters who became champions. One of them became a D.M., which stands for Distinguished Merit. More about that on her page.

The first litter that year had CH Shadygrove Banjo, a very nice black male, and his litter sister, CH Shadygrove Dulcimer, a blue female. The first picture is the two of them when they were about a week old… eyes not open yet. Their sire was GC, RW Ja-Lan Blue Tango, a blue male and their dam was CH Emeres Fancie Pants of Fontana, a black female.

Banjo & Dulcimer babiesCH Shadygrove Banjo & Dulcimer, pictures

CH Shadygrove Banjo was a wonderful boy, so sweet and gentle. He was the sire of seven CFA Grand Champions, and among his descendants are dozens of Grands, Regional, and even some national winners. He lived to be 13 years old, siring his last litters in 1993. Click on his name to link to his pedigree.

These are Banjo's Grand offspring:
GC, RW Shadygrove Sundance
GC Shadygrove Crystal
GC, GP Shadygrove Demoiselle
GC, GP Shadygrove Gatsby of Woodspirit
CH, GP Catcharm Figment of Woodspirit
GC Catcharm Gumbo of Woodspirit
CH, GP Catcharm Tina Turner

Banjo 2

Banjo's lovely little sister was CH Shadygrove Dulcimer, a pretty blue girl. I'm including the kitten pictures, to illustrate the development of these cats as they grew up. They did not look very extreme as babies, but by the time they were ready to show as adults, their breaks deepened and their noses pulled up. By the time they were fully mature, they became more typey, but were never highly extreme Persians. Dulcimer was bred to GC Can-Do El Bandido, a handsome black male sired by GC, NW Phoenician Damascus of Can-do, and went on to be the mother of my very first CFA Grand Champion, GC Shadygrove Marquis of Shilow. Bandido was the sire of another great cat, GC, NW Can-do Wind Chime of Windburn.

CH Shadygrove Dulcimer as a kitten
Dulcimer 3
Dulcimer 2

Below is a picture of Banjo & Dulcimer's mama, CH Emeres Fancie Pants of Fontana, a very nice black female, quite typey for the day. Fancie was the mother of two Grand Champions out of other breedings. Emeres was the cattery of the late Marian R Shaw, who was a great mentor to me. I learned a lot about cats from her, and also a lot about life. I was in my 30's when I was working with these cats, and she was in her 70's! She could have been my grandmother, age-wise, but we were close friends, and worked together a lot with these cats. We travelled to a lot of shows together, and had so much fun. Marian lived in Metairie Louisiana when I met her, and then in the mid 1980's moved to Austin Texas, and lived to be over 100 years old. I miss her.

Fancie Pants-3

Next is a picture of Banjo's & Dulcimer's sire, GC, RW Ja-lan Blue Tango:

Ja-Lan Blue Tango